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Nous nous excusons par avance pour les passionnés d’Histoire qui ne maitriseraient pas la langue de Shakespeare. Blog-histoire.fr a mis en ligne de nombreux podcasts mais tous sont pour l’instant en français. Nous savons tous que l’Histoire est des fois une question de point de vue et pour cela que nous publions des émissions de produites par le magazine d’Histoire de la BBC. Il y a des sujets un peu récurrents (Tudors, WWI, Richard III,…) mais tous les pays font de mêmes !

Si vous appréciez, vous pouvez vous abonner via ce lien : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/history-extra-podcast/id256580326

A fresh look at Edward III

A fresh look at an Ancient Greek classic

A history of the world and a second Norman Conquest

A new history of England and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

A new look at Nelson and a haunted castle

African history special

American religions

Ancient Egypt and Trafalgar

Ancient Greek warriors and Neolithic huts

Ancient burials and modern murders

Anglo-Saxon treasures and did Britain invent freedom

Antarctic expedition special

At sea with the Vikings and Edwardian fishermen

Bernard Cornwell on his novels

Black soldiers in the World War Two, and medical history research

Britain and the Union

Britain in 1914 and Jesus in history

Britain in the 1970s

Britain under Roman rule and the truth about the crusades

Britain’s European rejection and an intimate view of archaeology

Britain’s enemies

Britain’s last Dambuster

British queens

China’s Second World War and royal births through the ages

Civilisations old and new and the M Shed museum

Cold War culture and the path to the First World War

Cold War smuggling and First World War veterans

Cold War spies and friendship through the ages

D-Day and the Wars of the Roses


Delphi and the Spanish empire

Disability through the ages

Dwarves in the Holocaust and the Vikings’ cultural legacy

Early Christianity in England and Douglas Hurd on Disraeli

Edward I and maps through history

Edward III and a naval battle

Elizabeth I’s two bodies

England and Scotland go to war

English Heritage’s History Live festival at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire

English gardens and Latin American football

Escaping the Blitz and recording the First World War

Finance and war

Fleeing nuns and sinking ships

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

Georgian banking and medieval royalty

Georgian marriage and food in history

German prisoners and Nelson’s navy

Germany’s defeat

Global history and the rise of the factories

Greek slavery, Victorian heroism and Dan Snow on cars

Henry V and Thomas Cromwell – hero and villain

Hidden tunnels in Exeter

Historic healthcare

Historical geography and cookery

History for future generations

History in our schools

Hitler’s philosophers and a Bronze Age boat

Homosexuals in the armed forces

How is history relevant to us

How to escape the tower

JFK and a neglected Tudor

Jeremy Paxman on the empire

Jujitsu suffragettes and the Battle of El Alamein

King George VI and stories from Africa

Latin American slavery and historical hair

Lawrence of Arabia and the Romanov sisters

Letters from the USSR

Letters from the front line

Margaret Thatcher’s path to power and the story of the Devonshires

Medieval travel and anti-suffrage postcards

Memories of Churchill and the history of the individual

Misconceptions of WWII

Monte Cassino and revolutionary Russia

Mystery and drama with the Romans and the Elizabethans

Napoleon and Mussolini

Napoleon in Russia

Napoleon’s formative years and great thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment

Nazi spies and Viking ships

Nelson Mandela special

Old and new – a look at the Merchant Navy and modern-day western supremacy

On the Civil War trail

Paxman on World War One

Peter Englund’s new book

Pompeii comes to London

Religion and war

Richard III special

Richard III vs Henry VII

Roman slavery and the man who started the First World War

Royal cousins at war and Brunel’s brilliance

Royal personality in Tudor and Medieval times

Shakespeare’s Richard III

Sick royals and the last year of peace

Spielberg’s Lincoln and a new look at Jane Austen

Summer holidays and Edward VI

Tasmanian aborigines and the historic importance of the River Nile

The Babylonian Noah and Norse mythology

The Battle of Poitiers and WWII strategy

The Black Death and Tudor adventurers

The British Army

The Cold War Olympic boycott

The Duke of Wellington and Alfred the Great


The Falklands War

The First World War and Roman shopping

The German view on the First World War

The Industrial Revolution and post-war eugenics

The Norman Conquest

The Royal Navy

The Scottish military

The Spanish Armada and an Iron Age mansion

The Spanish Civil War

The Victorian cadaver trade and lessons from the past masters

The War of Independence

The World War Two French resistance and British holidays

The aftermath of the Second World War

The battle for Madagascar and The War of the Roses

The career of one of England’s most well-known kings

The conquest of Wales and Mary I

The downfall of Mary, Queen of Scots and a British civil rights struggle

The early years of the Iron Curtain and violence on the wane

The end of slavery and headaches in history

The global First World War

The history behind the White Queen

The history of music and the Knights Templar

The ideas of the First World War

The importance of the Tudors

The legacy of the First World War and Gandhi’s early years

The legacy of the First World War

The mourning of Queen Victoria

The mysteries of the Princes in the Tower

The origins of the Tudors

The plague, Sir Walter Ralegh and Jerusalem

The subcontinent

The value of war and the rail revolution

Thomas Beckett and WWII relived

Thomas Malthus and Wilkie Collins

Tudor accidents and the real Anglo-Saxons

Tudor courtiers and the Great Bed of Ware

Tudor portraits and Victorian footballers

Victorian burials and the history of psychology

Victorian vigour and a remarkable family

Viking sagas and royal pageants

Viking treasures and Hitler’s ‘perfect woman’

Voices of veterans and the debate on sugar

Why the Plantagenets matter

Witch-hunting and medieval letter writing

With Anne Boleyn at the Tower

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